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Dreamtime Mentors Indigenous Corporation
We have a vision of unifying the old with the new, and are providing a learning platform for all living things to benefit from.  We believe we can create and maintain a truly peaceful and sustainable society on the one earth we inhabit.  Please Join us. :)
  1. Mentoring for Youth & All Ages
    Mentoring for Youth & All Ages
    We are developing a mentoring service which will be accessible for all people in the community no matter age, religion, culture, preference or situation.
  2. Sustainable Living & Working
    Sustainable Living & Working
    We provide learning and consultation services on sustainable living and working options for homes and businesses. Our primary focus being Zero Waste.
  3. Zero Waste Solutions
    Zero Waste Solutions
    We promote and make available ethical & sustainable products and services to the local community and surrounds. Browse our site or contact us for more information.
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We operate as a Not-For-Profit Community Organisation, offering services to benefit the community and environment.  Every donation goes towards helping  us make our vision a reality.

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